Nicole Rauner

Marketing Specialist

If you find it hard to resist the deals in your inbox, you can blame Nicole. She curates the collection of products at and shouts them from the mountain tops. Well... the email list. Mountain Top Shouting just doesn't reach people the way it used to. When not spreading the good word on great deals, Nicole is commonly found in a hammock by a lake, shouting "on your left!" on the bike path, or on the hiking trail somewhere.

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There can be a lot of looming fears when camping for the first time by yourself. There’s no one to lend you the toothpaste you forgot or assure you that the growling sound during the night was a nearby camper and not a bear.My number one tip for preparing for a solo, weekend camping trip starts before you leave your air-conditioned house: don’t over pack. There’s a lot of stuff that you already have to bring like a tent, sleeping bag, pillow, backpack and all the gadgets. You don’t need three pairs of jeans for camping in the summer and...

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