Proozy Contributors | Writing Guidelines

I. Before you write: Take a look

Length: Pieces typically run about 400 to 1000 words.

Topics: We want our content to educate and inspire. Our editors are looking for tips, tricks and the latest information on current trends in health and fitness.

Distinct message: We're looking for original and fresh perspectives on topics our readers care about. When choosing an idea:

a. Get familiar with Proozy. Check out the blogs we've published and see what our readership cares about. Then write something we haven't seen before!
b. Use what you know. What unique perspective can you bring to our site? Why do you love and care about your topic? We want to know!

Tips and Tricks: Know a new way to prevent blisters while hiking? The new workout move that'll shed pounds? Tell us! Give our readers inside info and advice they can use with true testimonials.

Know your source: Know and trust the sources you cite. Websites that allow user content often lack in accurate facts. We want to trust you and the sources you use to bring us new information.


II. Before you submit: Steps to check

For your article:
Proof what you write. Double check your spelling, grammar and facts. We want to bring readers credible and accurate articles.

Show your sources some love. When citing your source always link to the original article so our readers can get the most out of your article. 

Timing is everything. Pay attention to the calendar. We like articles that would be perfect for the holiday or upcoming event. That way we'll post it at the right time and we can get the most traffic to it.

Your work. Make sure your work is your work. Articles submitted should be new and original articles. We want to hear what YOU have to say.

Your expertise. You're an expert in your field so mention your website, book, etc. and show our readers why they should trust you. However, articles that are too self-promotional with multiple links to your goods will not be published. 

Images. Please provide landscape/horizontal images that are at least 1200x600px or a 2 to 1 aspect ratio.

For your author profile:
Provide the following to your editor:

For your profile, send us a square profile picture of yourself for the author's page. We also ask that you write a short description about yourself no more than 500 characters and include a link to your blog/website for your profile. This will let our readership get a little taste of who you are before they click to read your story.

Please contact for more details or with any questions you may have.