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How to Become a Better Golfer this Winter Offseason

It’s that time of year again, the temperature gets a little brisker, and the wind makes the hair on our fore-arms stand at attention. While we all love the beauty the changing leaves on popular golf courses across the temperate world, we all know what the change in temperature and leaves mean… Winter is coming (as if it isn't already here).  Game of Thrones references aside, the coming of winter is a real bummer for any Golfer.  

Often, when we re-emerge from our homes, we find many new-found problems with our swing.

  1. we’re not driving the ball as far,
  2. we’re just plain rusty

By the time we finally shake off the rust and playing some great golf, its time to put the clubs away again.

So how can us cold-climate golfers keep up during the winter you ask? I’d encourage everybody to check out the details and resources I have played out below to help you become a better golfer over the winter season.

Golf Workouts

Golf Workouts

Pick up the nearest object to you (could be cell phone, pencil whatever), now put it down, and pick it up again, now back down. Was that easy? Yes? Okay good, so now lets replace that with a dumbbell and get to work on strengthening those important muscles to drive the ball further and increase your flexibility.

Golf Workout to Increase your Power and Distance

If you’re looking for a simple and easy way to increase your power and distance this winter, check out this program below by Jacky Anderson at

Golf Workout to Increase Flexibility Driving the Ball further

Do you ever wonder why your 6’4” 240 pound nfl linebacker of a friend gets out-driven by your 5’9” 140 pound friend? Well the answer is in the flexibility, and development of those essential golf swinging muscles. Simply put, the more flexible you are, especially in your back, the more torque and club speed you are able to generate to apply to the ball.

To increase your flexibility I’d recommend you give this workout a try by Michael Easter at Men’s Health

Top Golf

Grab some Friends and Head to Topgolf

Topgolf is a totally unique golfing experience for Golfers of all ages, and skill levels. Topgolf offers a wide variety of games to take on your golfing buddies from power competitions to accuracy. The best part about it is that they are open in the winter making for a great destination to get together with friends and practice your golf skills.

Topgolf Locations near you:

  • Minneapolis - Brooklyn Park
  • Denver - Centennial
  • Chicago - Wood Dale
  • Pittsburgh - Bridgeville
  • Philadelphia - Mount Laurel, NJ 
  • Columbus - OH

To check out other locations across the US and reserve a bay, click here

Hit up the Golf Dome

Golf Domes offers a unique opportunity to practice your game and see how the real golf ball flies, not the ball on the simulator. While simulators are good nowadays, they sometimes fail to pick-up how your ball really flies. It’s worth it to take a day or two out of your week to hit some golf balls and correct any issues that come up.

With the resources I have compiled in this article I am confident that you will be strides (and strokes) ahead of your golfing buddies come spring. Be sure to check out of Golf Daily Deals page as well to rock some name brand golf gear while working on your game this winter!

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