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How To Get a Head Start on Your 2019 Fitness Goals

Happy Monday Proozy Readers!

This is the first official monthly newsletter to help everyone with some tips on how to improve your health. Every day consists of a pattern of habits. What time you get up, who needs food, what time to leave the house, etc. Then it’s time to work.

There’s only so much time in the day to take care of your health, but luckily it doesn’t take much more than 20-30 minutes a couple times a week. A lot of times people will care so much for others they forget about themselves. I’m here to tell you to take care of yourself.  Small changes over time will lead to monumental success in the long run. Sometimes it’s simply replacing one habit with another. Which then becomes consistent and once you get that momentum rolling it will feel odd to stop. The hardest part is getting that healthy habit momentum wheel rolling.

Exercise tips for November:

November Exercise tips

-Try to get 10,000 steps in a day.

Most phones will track this without you even knowing...(What?!) Kind of creepy. Seriously though. If you go into the health app on an iPhone and look at activity, you can see when you walked a lot, hit some stairs,  or weren’t as active. 10,000 steps sounds like a lot, but for those on their feet all day, that is probably not too hard to hit. Start somewhere, even if it’s 5,000 and build up. Take a 15 minute walk once or twice a day to get the steps in. Some may even use a Fitbit or Garmin. Awesome. Keep the numbers honest and it will let you know if you need to move more. I’ve seen all the tricks...Taping the Fitbit to the dog collar at the park, placing the Fitbit in the dryer, taping it to your car’s wheel, etc. None of these will get you real-life results. The numbers are for you and are there to give you honest feedback on activity. You’ll have to do some work!   

-Get to the gym.  

There has never been a better time to be a member of a gym. The competition is fierce and the options are aplenty. From spin cycle, jazzercise, CrossFit, pole dancing, rock climbing, yoga, martial arts, etc. there are so many options it can make your head spin. Find one that you truly enjoy and will do consistently. Can even be hitting the trails for a run a couple times a week. For some, the stimulus needs to be varied and for others, they prefer the same routine week after week. No right or wrong.  As long as you’re working your body is getting better. Classes in a group setting can be more motivating than flying solo. That also means you give up control. Not preferred for some. All good. Again, just keep moving.

Get to the Gym


We are heading into THE ROUGHEST TWO months for food. The days are getting shorter. Our appetite shifts from healthy fresh food to savory and delicious heartwarming meals. It’s ok. You’re not alone. There’s a reason every gym is packed in January. People have eaten themselves sick and things aren’t fitting or feeling great. All good. Humans should be able to enjoy the wonders of food in a reasonable fashion.  The hard part is not going back for that third plate of your Aunt Betty’s Choco-caramel crazy bars that are way too good! Here’s a quick list of my go-to tips for navigating the upcoming food festival time of year.

Nutritional Tips for November


-Try and aim for foods that are real. Meaning, less processed. There’s never been more options and easy access to food. Ever. Pretty awesome, but it has taken a rough turn and gotten a bit out of control in the U.S. especially. Typically the longer the label, the more fillers and junk that are in the product.  Focusing on protein, vegetables, fruit, nuts, seeds, natural starches, healthy fats, etc. is considered a healthy whole foods diet, and if it’s on the processed side, practice moderation and your body will thank you. Cutting out the worst of the worst, like soda, chips, candy, etc. can make a big difference in how you feel and how your body performs on a daily basis. It’s like putting diesel in your car’s gas tank. It may run, barely, but it is not going to like it, or run efficiently.  

-Drink plenty of water. A lot of people are dehydrated most of the time, but hitting the bathroom every 10 minutes isn’t ideal either. Try to find a balance. Drink 16-20 ounces when you wake up and try to get at least 8-12 oz. every hour. Your body will thank you.

-Eat the right foods FIRST. Best thing to do is fill up on vegetables, protein, and maybe some kind of natural starch like potatoes, rice, etc. to get the satiety kick, and you should be good and full. The portions are very important. Go crazy on the vegetables, palm size protein, palm size of sweet potatoes, rice, potatoes, etc. Combining carbohydrates with protein is the best way to consume them.  The problem is starting with an empty stomach and clearing a whole pan of special K bars before dinner. (caloric density is extremely high and you will still be hungry for actual nutrition after.)


Keeping the intake reasonable and doing whatever you can to KEEP MOVING is a big part of a healthy lifestyle. Most people will gain a couple pounds when the 30 below weather comes around. It’s part of the deal of living in the north. Less vitamin D. Less outdoor activity. More cravings for carbohydrates. Try to balance the shift with some consistent activity and balanced nutrition, and that is going to set you up for a head start into 2019 (2 months away!)

IF YOU CAN DO ANYTHING--START TRACKING WHATS GOING IN: This is particularly important for those looking to lose weight. You may be surprised at how things can add up quickly. Similar to a credit card statement, you look and think “I’ve been hacked!!”... but then you go through the list annnndd yep... That was all me... WOW.

It helps to see all that goes into the total amount and how crazy a handful or 3 of certain items can sabotage your goals.   

DOWNLOAD THE ‘MY FITNESS PAL’ APP and start tracking what is going into your body. Easiest way to be conscious of what fuel is being put in.

FINAL TIPS: EAT MORE VEGETABLES- Vegetables are nature’s gift of low calorie, high nutrient food that is actually delicious when you get away from the junk. Very rare that a person eats the suggested 5 servings of vegetables. Try to hit that number every day if you can, and you’ll find there’s not a ton of room for the junk!

EAT SOME KIND OF PROTEIN AT EVERY MEAL: At the very least lunch and dinner. There’s certain nutrients the body needs just to regenerate tissue. Protein is a big one.  If you neglect protein, your body will choose to prioritize taking care of the organs(very smart) and your muscle mass and metabolism will be put on the back burner(not awesome).

BOOK A TRIP: This can set up a very tangible and finite date that can keep you focused and will help with rationalizing that hike when it may be too cold or that workout when you are just not feeling it. Having that date set is a good reminder that time comes along no matter what shape you are in. If it’s going to be a more physical trip like skiing or snowboarding in the mountains, even more reason to stay with the training and be able to enjoy every single possible run and not be limited physically.

Okay, end rant.  There will be more of these tips constantly coming out. If you want more info, make sure to follow ProozyFit on FaceBook and Instagram. As well as our blogs on ProozyFit and! There’s even a Workout of the Day posted to our ProozyFit Members Page on FaceBook. Check it out! Also feel free to check out our fitness daily deals page if you’re in the market for some new fitness gear!  Have a good day and hope to see you guys around the gym!

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