How To Run With A Dog

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Growing up, the family dog was a chihuahua who strongly disliked most things including cheap Tex-Mex food, but especially running. Since then, the joy of running with a dog has been rediscovered in my life.


Here's some of the how-to's: 

FIRST AND FOREMOST - maybe talk to your vet and see what the limitations are of the dog. Some breeds just can't hang with a 4 mile run.

2. Get your new running partner a good harness. As much as everyone loves seeing the (ironically) unbridled enthusiasm of the dog taking it's own leash in it's mouth to run, it's just easier with a better lead.

3. Build up slowly. Pay attention to how the dog is responding with both it's breathing and keeping pace. Take frequent walking breaks.

4. If you need to hydrate, your dog is probably twice as ready.

5. On the cool down, make sure there's plenty of scratching behind the ears and and ample amount of "Who's a good boy!?!" (Or girl).

Long was the run, cold was the day, had was the fun, dog was the way.


The thing is, when you have established a routine, it's a bit of a double edged sword. Your dog will not understand why you're "Just not feelin' it today, buddy". That dog wants to go run, and they definitely don't want to hear any excuses about cutting the run short when they know the route. 

Quick Plug

One of the greatest products to increase your running stamina that we've gotten in at Proozy, is the 2XU Compression Calf Guards. They contain the muscles so that fatigue is reduced and shin splints are minimized. Plus they make you look like a super serious athlete.

2XU Compression Calf Guards
And, because you are such a cool person that reads through this until this point, we're going to offer a pair of these calf guards for $14 when you use the code "BLOGDOG" at checkout. (Or, if you just scrolled down to this point, that's cool too, but maybe read it before you go.)

Obligatory Dumb Guy Comment: "Come on, dogs have twice as many legs doing the work. Of course they can run longer than you!"

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Why the Polo Shirt Endures

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Think back to that first job you had. Not the one where you’re mowing lawns or babysitting, but that first high school, punch-the-clock, minimum-wage, “I'm only doing this for gas money” job. What did you wear? For many people, it was a pique cotton, short sleeve polo shirt. 

For that you can thank a French tennis player looking for a competitive edge named Jean Rene Lacoste. But we’ll get to that… 

Jean Rene Lacoste and the "Performance-Enhancing Shirt"

It all started in India in the 1800s when British soldiers saw a polo match. They quickly put together their own league along with some British tea farmers who were looking for a change of scenery from literally watching tea leaves grow.

They were quickly annoyed with the flopping collars due to the galloping of the horse. (BTW, Good name for a psychedelic-rock jam band “The Flopping Collars”). 

They added buttons to the shirt to immobilize the lapels, thus making it functional and fashionable.

Fast forward to 1926

Jean Rene Lacoste showed up at the 1926 US Open Championship wearing the biggest breakthrough in tennis fashion outside of the headband. The standard tennis shirt at the time was a heavy cotton, button up shirt with long sleeves. Lacoste went with a lighter material, a soft collar, and short sleeves. Unsurprisingly, he won the US Open that year. (Who would’ve thought?)

25-ish Years Later

Lacoste forms a company making the shirts that bear his name and adds a little alligator logo. (Sidenote: the little alligator logo was a reference to his knickname, as crowds would make fun of his nose resembling an alligator.) They quickly become the industry standard for both tennis and golf. Even President Dwight D. Eisenhower was known to wear one on the links. 

I Like Ike. Ike Likes Polos. I Like Polos.

So Why Did I Wear One To Work?

In America, the polo shirt went 2 directions: 1. High end fashion, popularized by Ralph Lauren and his brand “Polo” and 2. The ubiquitous Lacoste polo, as seen in every 80s teen movie. This led to Lacoste over-producing and cutting costs. They transitioned to pique cotton, which is far more durable and thus makes for the perfect, professional-looking and most importantly - durable - shirt for a company to outfit it’s employees.

But It Doesn’t End There

Today, the most popular shirt on the golf course remains the short sleeve polo; however, the itchy, coarse cotton polo has been abandoned. Instead it has been replaced by far superior products like the new Under Armour Polo shirt collection, conveniently located via this link: BLOG35 (When you check out, use the code BLOG35 and you'll get 35% off this collection because you actually read this and you are AWESOME.) 

Fast Facts:

  • Soft, anti-pill fabric has a cleaner, snag-free finish
  • Lightweight textured fabric for superior breathability
  • Fabric wicks away sweat rather than soak up and weigh down
  • Anti-odor technology prevents the growth of odor causing microbes

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    Joint Exchange - A Short Scene

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    You know what no one tells you about your body when you’re 13? (Don’t worry, we aren’t having THAT conversation). That spending your teens, twenties, and even your thirties doing “action sports” will make your knees feel prematurely old. Over the years, I transitioned from riding BMX to skateboarding and snowboarding and even ice hockey. Now, as a grown man, I still do all these activities, but I have self-described “old man knees”.

    And I’m not the only one affected by this. When I was about 20, I worked at a skateboard summer camp and had an odd conversation with a visiting pro. He wished that he could detach and turn in his ankles to some joint repository to exchange for fresh ones. I’ve always loved the visuals in my head of such an exchange.

    Then, on a recent vacation, I was reminded yet again after my 3rd consecutive day of walking over 12 miles. I did all the typical methods to ward off the fatigue. I wore a flat shoe one day, namely these: (Check them out here)

    Adidas Adi-Ease Premier Skate Shoes

    (They’re work very well, especially for the price).

    Then I switched it up to a running/walking shoes, namely these: (Check them out Here

    Under Armour Verge Low GTX Running Shoe

    (It was a nice change of pace and rearranged the pressure points on my feet).

    The shoes performed very well, and neither my heels nor the balls of my feet were in pain. But, by the end of day number three, I had switched back to a flat shoe. And like the final scene from the movie “Babe” I looked at my knees and said in the hotel room that night “That’ll do pig, that’ll do”.

    The real issue was my knees. The lifetime of abuse was making itself known. It was then I thought of the joint exchange concept, but re-imagined it as literally any other rental experience.

    (Curtain Rises)

    RENTAL CLERK: Hello sir, how can I help you?

    MAN: I have a reservation to rent some new knees for the next 3 days.

    RENTAL CLERK: What size, sir?

    MAN: Five foot eleven and a half, but I can do 5'11" or 6 foot.

    RENTAL CLERK: Let me check...

    (endless typing)

    ... We have a 5'10" and a 6'4".

    MAN: But I made a reserva-

    RENTAL CLERK: Sir, we had the annual meeting of rodeo clowns come through town yesterday... we're a little overwhelmed at the moment.

    MAN: Well, if I do the 6'4", my balance will be off... and if I do the 5'10"-

    RENTAL CLERK: Ooh!, we also have a 5'11" but it's covered in tattoos.

    MAN: But... all I've packed are shorts... What are the tattoos?

    RENTAL CLERK: It says dragons, barbed wire, and "NO FEAR"

    MAN: Really? I'm going to look like a... alright fine, I'll take them.

    RENTAL CLERK: Ok, would you like the full insurance coverage? Just detach them from your femurs and crawl away. Only $45 a day.

    MAN: How's that going to work? I just carry my shoes and bags and drag myself away from them?

    RENTAL CLERK: You could do that. People have. Also, make sure to return them with a full shave or we'll have to charge you for every hair growth we need to remove.


    In any event, take care of your body. It's the only one you've got. Don't waste your time or your money on low-end fitness clothing. has what you need to keep you moving whether it's compression gear from 2XU, quality shoes and boots from Under Armour, and clothes made for your active life from your favorite brands

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    Life Hacks to Evade the Sun

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    Nothing says “It’s my first day/I can’t handle my life” like starting off the season with a sun burn. By no means is this a lecture on the importance of sunscreen. After all, sunscreen is more like a “last line of defense” in the battle of skin protection. Personally, I like the smell of sunscreen because I have positive associations with fun summer activities, but I dislike the oily feeling I get from it.

    Those first few days of warm weather makes it nearly impossible for an otherwise active person to sit inside and do adult things like laundry, pay bills, or even have meaningful conversations with loved ones. When the leaves magically reappear on the trees, you start to see nature trails, beaches, and bike paths that you never saw before. Ordinary indoor activities take a back seat to your desire to explore.

      -  Let’s call these essentially “Life Hacks” to evade the sun.  -  


    This is a product that once you know the secret, you're a believer.

    On a hot day, something light like a tank top feels great because you get the breeze on your shoulders. But what you gain in breathe-ability, you lose in sun protection. Enter the UA Sun Sheer. It's super light weight so that you stay cool, but it also offers similar protection to an SPF30, without getting all oily. It really makes for a great shirt to go hiking in and not worry about the sun on your shoulders.

    MUD Mixed with DUNG

    The "Organic" way of blocking the sun

    Have you heard about the beneficial qualities of Mud? Maybe a more "all natural" way of living is your jam.

    (We don't currently offer Mud on, but for the right price, I'm sure we could come up with something.)


    This hat will not add "Moxie" to your personality. It can only reveal it. And for many of us, we really can pull it off, especially mid-day with a ukulele in hand. The broad brim on this hat offers decent coverage, and also provides adequate airflow. There is a reason that this style of hat has remained popular for decades.



    Sunglasses are a must-have, but only if they are good-looking and affordable. The good news is that these Sundog sunglasses are both of those and more. However, sunglasses can be a bit of a double edged sword. You have to anticipate the skin around them or you'll end up looking like this:

    or this:

    The key factor is exposure. Everyone has different skin and the same amount of time under the sun can have vastly different affects. While it does feel great to walk around feeling the warm glow of the floating, yellow orb high in the sky, it's time we get serious and own up to it's effects. Make sure you outfit yourself with the proper gear to not look like Kenny Powers.

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    Why April 25th is the "Perfect Date"

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    Ahh yes, "Miss Congeniality" and the old "Perfect Date" joke

    There's a lot of truth to this statement. Sure, the answer to the question is a hilarious re-direct and shows how oddly disconnected the beauty pageant contestant is, but the sentiment is genuine. (Plus, I love this type of humor).

    It seems that every year at about this time the weather gets a little more reliable to the point where the gloves and knit hats have been retired for the foreseeable future. Gone are the snow-melting March days of rain and mud. Although, late April is not without it's surprises, the general feeling in the upper mid-west is that by April 25th, it's a safe bet that all you'll need is a light jacket.

    Well, here at, we did some research on this.  

    (Full disclosure: it wasn't so much scientific as it was just a bunch of us talking about our favorite jackets.)

    The consensus around the office was everybody has a story that goes something like this:

    7 AM - I took a jacket but didn't wear it.

    Noon - Went outside during lunch and it was great! Nice spring day!

    6 PM - "It getting kinda chilly, can you grab my fleece?"

    And Your Winner Is:


    So, the clear winner that we came up with is the Columbia Women's 1/2 Zip Arctic Air Fleece. It's warm enough during those great spring evenings when you're happy just to be outside doing ANYTHING past five o'clock. It's really functional because with the high collar can keep you warm on a cool spring night, and conversely, the jacket with the zipper down can achieve a pretty good airflow. And, the best part is the price. (If you're still reading this, do yourself a favor and enter Promo Code: READ19 at checkout for one of these and because you are an awesome person that actually reads this, you'll get one for $19).

     Honorable mentions include:

    First Runner Up
    Fun Fact: "Osito" is Spanish for "Teddy Bear"

    Second Runner Up
    As far as hoodies go, this one is a solid choice.
    Fun Fact: Cutter & Buck sounds like a 70's Buddy Cop TV Show 


    While the Columbia fleece is our winner, for a few dollars more, you really can't do much better than a quality The North Face hoodie.
    Fun Fact: The North Face logo is modeled after "Half Dome" in Yosemite National Park.
    So, even though the "Perfect Day" has already come and gone, everyone at hopes that you are enjoying the new season and are dressing appropriately for it. Don't forget to order your Columbia Arctic Air Fleece and enter the promo code "READ19". (This is only available here, so take advantage of it and thank you for reading.)
    And now, for no particular reason, let's all enjoy Miss Teen South Carolina's moment in the sun.

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    Good Enough For MJ, Good Enough For Me

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    It was nearly impossible for an 8-year-old boy in the summer of 1992 to not idolize Michael Jordan. Especially if that 8-year-old boy lived a mere hour and a half from the United Center where the Chicago Bulls had recently pulled off their world famous “3-Peat”. So, when the autographed picture from number 23 showed up in the mail, (remember the days before the internet?) it was studied for hours. It was a simple photo. Jordan in the locker room after a practice, looking into camera, and signed with an indecipherable scribble.

    The actual photo is in the attic of my mom's house. This will have to do. Sorry.

    But, curiously, he seemed to be wearing 2 pairs of shorts at once in the photo. Asking my parents why, they couldn't come up with an answer that would satisfy the mind of a child. It would take years before I could comprehend why.


    Showing off the Secret Weapon... Compression Shorts

    In almost every commercial you see for a fitness product, there's a quick-cut montage of a person training in extremely tight work-out clothing. Guys in shirts so tight they have six-pack abs visible through their shirts running up the stairs of the empty arena. Women in yoga pants gracefully suffering through the most strenuous poses, showing off their curves. Glamour shots of muscles working underneath impossibly tight exercise clothes.

    Thinking back to my MJ autograph, I considered clothing like that to be merely for the ultra-serious athletes, and for those with ample bank accounts. I was more of a gym shorts and cotton t-shirt kinda guy. Then, (Shameless self-promotion coming) I found and with it the glorious employee discount on such products. I wanted to experience all that serious fitness clothing had to offer. Compression t-shirts, shorts, pants, and even sleeves.

    Quick sidebar for the benefits of compression gear:

    -          They help to keep muscles warm, even during brief resting periods to prevent muscle strain.

    -          The materials they are frequently made of help to wick away moisture to prevent chafing

    -          They help to stabilize joints


    The other thing that no one ever mentions is how they make you feel. When you're wearing compression clothes, you can't help but keep  better posture and even keep moving in little steps or rolling on the balls of your feet. It's a constant reminder of the athlete you are. No matter how gawky you may or may not look.

     Go ahead and get this shirt for yourself: Here

    Or any kind of compression gear from Proozy: Here

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    What Type of Golfer are you? (Based Solely On Your Hat)

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    With the golf season upon us here at, the latest round of golf hats are coming in by the pallet. Check the rest of the site for one that works best for you, but for now let's have a little fun with them.

    Titleist Hats

    White Titleist Golf Hat

     White Is A Brave Choice.

    1. You enjoy the reflective nature of the white hat.
    2. You probably shy away from the hot wings back at the clubhouse. After all, It's hard to keep things clean with saucy fingers.

    Black Titleist Golf Hat


    You can't go wrong with this classic black hat, but that could also be an issue. It seems everyone has this hat and it's (pardon the pun), "par for the course" to have it.

    Navy Titleist Golf Hat
    Middle of the road.

    Not white, not black, just right down the middle. That's probably how you drive the ball. Safe, controlled shots down the fairway.

    You're from Minnesota!

    1. It's golf season
    2. Still need to support The Team.

     "Fashion FORE-ward"

    1. Your wardrobe on the course is more than likely color coordinated. 
    2.  You pride yourself on your short game.

    Leans more Bro than Pro...

    1. You like the functionality of the brim.
    2. You don't like how a hat will matte down your hair. (Gotta look good in the clubhouse).

    Ashworth Hats

    "Senior League"

    1. You're not into skin cancer.
    2. You're likely content with how you shoot.

    The Randoms

    Could go either way... 

    1. Over 40 - You're not into skin cancer and likely didn't iron your pants today.
    2. Under 40 - You're also not into skin cancer AND you probably brought your own booze onto the course.

     Again, could go either way...

    1. Over 50 - Cool, classy, good attitude, unrushed player.
    2. Under 50 - "Just here for the beer"

    The Tourist.

    You're like me. You love the driving range, but can't put from beyond 5 feet with any accuracy. And, you're the "hip guy" that wears a trucker hat on the golf course. 

    And finally...

    1. You're a bold individual.
    2. The sun isn't slowing you down.

    So, there you go. We've got plenty of other hats to check out HERE: , but these are some fun ones that will help your game this season.

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