Fashion on the Ski-Hill - PROOZY

Fashion on the Ski-Hill

The other day, here at, we got in a fresh batch of brand-name snowboarding jackets. (Shameless plug for the collection here)

One in particular really stood out for me. (This one, to be specific)

Quicksilver Men's Boyd Print Polar Jacket Flower Print

I was confounded by the premise. It is a wardrobe item designed to keep you warm in potentially very harsh climates, specifically clinging to the metal rail of a chairlift, 40 feet in the air with blowing snow striking your face. And, by all accounts, the jacket performs very well. It is designed to perform the task asked of it. But the real question is why do the designers choose what I would typically describe as a Hawaiian shirt as the pattern for their winter jacket? Hardly the motif you would expect to see on a cold winter day.

This cultural wardrobe mash-up came as a surprise to me. I guess it's been a few years since I’ve been to the ski hill, so my memory of the standard style choices seen on the slopes is a bit foggy.

Showing off for all the adoring fans back in 2012.

Showing off for all the adoring fans back in 2012.

It has long been a tradition in ski culture to wear loud or unexpected clothing choices. This typically manifested itself in the form of bright colors to be seen easily. Whether you were hoping to be found by ski patrol in the event of an avalanche or some other emergency, or just in the hopes of catching the eye of a potential romantic partner. The slopes have since become a bit of a safe haven for brave and bold fashion choices.

For reference, your average 80’s Ski Outfit. For reference, your average 80’s Ski Outfit. 

For reference, your average 80’s Ski Outfit.


Whatever you plan on wearing this year, make sure:

1. It’s up to the task of keeping you warm

2. It doesn't restrict your movements too greatly

3. And it definitely tells people who you are...even from the chair lift.

See you on the hill!

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