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Well, It's Groundhog Day... Again

Well, it’s Groundhog Day... again,

and for some people that means winter has begun to wear out its welcome. It seems like the prevailing opinion every cold February 2nd is that six more weeks of winter is unwanted. Personally, a few of us here at Proozy.com quite enjoy the winter sports. After all, there is something about playing a pick-up hockey game on a frozen pond that makes you feel good about life. And some of us actually enjoy ice fishing, believe it or not.

Not being Punxsutawney Phil, I don’t have a firm notion of the outcome. I’m just going to assume we are in for 6 more weeks of winter.

Here’s how to pull your way through it:

Good Winter Boots

Watch out for that first step, it’s a doozy.

Set yourself up with a pair of waterproof boots that were built to go anywhere.


Compression Gear

Dress for the weather, but don’t let it keep you from your goals or rob you of your motivation. Whether you’re in training, competing, or recovery, the compression pants from 2XU keep you focused on your workout and not on the weather. (Sorry, no corresponding movie reference for this one. They’re just a good idea. And that’s something we can all appreciate.)


Proper Hydration

A funny thing that happens in the winter, people forget to hydrate properly. In the summer, we drink not only to hydrate, but to cool down a little in the heat of the day. But during the winter, it never fails that at some point you’ll forget. I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve shoveled snow for a half an hour, then come inside for a cup of coffee instead of water. Or, enjoyed an adult beverage in the ski chalet instead of pounding something with electrolytes. Stay hydrated with the Eco Vessel Surf Glass Bottle with Silicone Sleeve. (Yet again, not a reference to the movie, but it’s still a great idea and doesn’t contain any plastic/BPA).



Of any kind, really.

It’s kind of hard to find ways to get in a lot of cardio in the winter. Especially if you have lungs like mine that aren’t a big fan of breathing in freezing air. So, any sort of indoor/room temperature exercise you can do will help you get through. (Even if it’s cutting a rug.) You might as well be comfortable when you do it, too. Check out these Under Armour BaseLayer pants: https://www.proozy.com/collections/fitness-gear-apparel/products/under-armour-womens-midweight-baselayer-2-0-leggings?variant=30234447052

Just don’t give up!

If you’ve gone this far, and still aren’t having it, remember, winter doesn’t last forever. And the “gorge and hibernate solution” works only until bathing suit season.

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