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Life Hacks to Evade the Sun

Nothing says “It’s my first day/I can’t handle my life” like starting off the season with a sun burn. By no means is this a lecture on the importance of sunscreen. After all, sunscreen is more like a “last line of defense” in the battle of skin protection. Personally, I like the smell of sunscreen because I have positive associations with fun summer activities, but I dislike the oily feeling I get from it.

Those first few days of warm weather makes it nearly impossible for an otherwise active person to sit inside and do adult things like laundry, pay bills, or even have meaningful conversations with loved ones. When the leaves magically reappear on the trees, you start to see nature trails, beaches, and bike paths that you never saw before. Ordinary indoor activities take a back seat to your desire to explore.

  -  Let’s call these essentially “Life Hacks” to evade the sun.  -  


This is a product that once you know the secret, you're a believer.

On a hot day, something light like a tank top feels great because you get the breeze on your shoulders. But what you gain in breathe-ability, you lose in sun protection. Enter the UA Sun Sheer. It's super light weight so that you stay cool, but it also offers similar protection to an SPF30, without getting all oily. It really makes for a great shirt to go hiking in and not worry about the sun on your shoulders.

MUD Mixed with DUNG

The "Organic" way of blocking the sun

Have you heard about the beneficial qualities of Mud? Maybe a more "all natural" way of living is your jam.

(We don't currently offer Mud on, but for the right price, I'm sure we could come up with something.)


This hat will not add "Moxie" to your personality. It can only reveal it. And for many of us, we really can pull it off, especially mid-day with a ukulele in hand. The broad brim on this hat offers decent coverage, and also provides adequate airflow. There is a reason that this style of hat has remained popular for decades.



Sunglasses are a must-have, but only if they are good-looking and affordable. The good news is that these Sundog sunglasses are both of those and more. However, sunglasses can be a bit of a double edged sword. You have to anticipate the skin around them or you'll end up looking like this:

or this:

The key factor is exposure. Everyone has different skin and the same amount of time under the sun can have vastly different affects. While it does feel great to walk around feeling the warm glow of the floating, yellow orb high in the sky, it's time we get serious and own up to it's effects. Make sure you outfit yourself with the proper gear to not look like Kenny Powers.

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