My shirts smell like low tide in an old port city. - PROOZY

My shirts smell like low tide in an old port city.

"Work-Out" Clothes

So, it’s the new year, and like most people my age, between the hours of 5 PM and 8 PM on a weeknight I find myself on some sort of cardio machine at the gym. A suffer-fest that so many of my peers endure every January, February, and maybe part of March. (Or, until the New Year's Resolution has been abandoned and the will-power has dried up).

The upside of this new routine was felt right away. I could run about three miles on the treadmill before the boredom of watching a TV with the sound down overcame me. I was sleeping better and waking up more resolutely.

Every January and February.

But the downside was that I said goodbye to no fewer than 4 of my favorite t-shirts. Sadly, 45 minutes on a treadmill caused my body and by default, my shirts to smell like low tide in an old port city. This, coupled with the excessive washes to undo the damage, became a row too tough to hoe for some trusted favorites.

Like the average Newbie to the gym lifestyle, for the first 2 years of “Sloth-No-More - January”, I wore whatever t-shirt I happen to be wearing under my button-down that day. Eventually I realized why all the “year-rounder’s” wore what I called “workout shirts”. It’s not to attract eyeballs, but to volunteer as tribute for your street clothes.

Take for instance the Under Armour Tech T-shirt. (Quick Shameless Plug: We have a ton of them at a fantastic price right now.

Under Armour men's Tech Patterned T-Shirt

It’s designed to not quadruple in weight the way a cotton shirt would when drenched in sweat. Some of them even have what I’ll call “smart fabric” that is super reflective at night to help you be seen. And finally, the most important point… for the price, it will save you money on replacing your favorite shirts. Instead of burning through your favorite 3 Wolf, Moon T-Shirt, you just purposefully buy the right tool for the right job.

Pike's Peak afterparty

Just a little something to calm the nerves after driving up Pike's Peak.

Sidebar: A year or two ago, I drove to the top of Pike’s Peak in a small rental hatchback. Afterward, we stopped at a microbrewery in a little mountain town for lunch and I felt deserving of an adult beverage for my vehicular bravery. On the way out the door I was so enamored with the establishment that I bought a T-Shirt. As much as I love the shirt, guess what won’t see the inside of a gym, so long as I can help it?

This One!

I vow to never make this a "gym shirt".


So, I implore you to take a look at the collection of Under Armour shirts. There's a ton of colors and sizes and options. And no more will a shirt suffer an untimely death from exposure to the perils of the gym.

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