Picture Day - Grade School - 1994 - PROOZY

Picture Day - Grade School - 1994

Picture Day in school was never a big deal for me. Even in high school, right up to senior year, I was typically photographed wearing whatever I happened to be wearing that day.

Before social media, people would put some thought into how they would look for the image that would stand for an entire year of their lives, namely their yearbook photo. Responsible parents would arrange for fresh haircuts and new outfits. Thoughts and concerns were paid to presentation to their child. 

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Here’s a quick rundown of picture day troubles I have been exposed to:

  • A guy I went to middle school with took the local news guy approach to formality by wearing a suit jacket on top and basketball short on the bottom. (See below).

  • First or second grade saw me wearing a shirt that said “Bad to the Bone” on the front. The problem was that the frame of the photo cut off the “to the Bone” part of the shirt. Hilarity ensued.
  • Also first or second grade saw my friend, Nate, wearing his scout uniform on picture day. Funny thing was that our scout meeting wasn’t for another 2 days, he just thought he looked better in uniform.
  • High school saw me wearing a shirt that I made in a graphic arts class the previous semester. The shirt said in big bold letters, “Happiness is Being Italian” inside of a funky little design. This was a very topical inside joke for about 30 people at the time. Looking back on it, it seems a bit strange as I am 3/4ths German in my heritage and 0% Italian, (as far as I know).
  • Also, in high school came a group of guys, who were to soon drop out, attempt to wear shirts with a myriad of problems for the beleaguered, and underpaid photographer and the school administrators. Doug had a shirt with a pot leaf. Darrell had a swear word dead center just below the collar. Jon had a black market Bart Simpson shirt with offensive hand gestures. But the real winner was Aaron who simply wore a Spice Girls t-shirt. The reason he was barred from wearing the shirt was not due to antiquated gender roles or staff members being arbiters of taste. The reason he was asked to change was the way he customized the graphic. He had taken a black marker and placed an “X” over the faces of each and every Spice Girl except for the redhead, Geri Halliwell. I guess he had a thing for redheads.

That was the year where 6 guys wore shirts saying FHS Phys. Ed. (Who could have seen that coming?)

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