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Proozy Cooks! - BABY BOK CHOY

Early on I was given some advice that I frequently pass on to anyone trying to prove their value to a potential mate. Simply put, "Everyone should know how to cook 5 dishes really well". Lately, I've amended that to include 2 or 3 side dishes that are a little off the beaten path of dinner table standards to surprise people and possibly open their minds.

(Fair warning: This is only a side dish. Entrées are a whole other blog.)

First of all, it looks like the successful business merger of United Celery Association and Amalgamated Collard Greens of North America.

A. It's super cheap, so long as you aren't shopping at a store with either "Foods" and/or "Whole" in the name.

B. It's familiar enough that most everyone has either had it or heard of it, but probably rarely outside of some sort of Asian dish.

C. Nutritionally, I have no idea but it grows in the ground, so how could it hurt?

About the amount you'll need

About the amount you'll need.

It's here that I'm going to make a clear distinction. Go with Baby Bok Choy for these 3 reasons:

  1. It has smaller stalks so it’s not so fibrous in taste, plus, it’s sold by weight so save some money there.
  2. Consider space in the fridge. It's a side dish, don't let it have the ego nor the real estate in the fridge of an entrée.
  3. It’s about the right amount to consume without a ton of leftovers, and also fits in the pan without cutting it up. (Laziness being a factor).

How To:

Wash - Unless you're into dirt. (Who am I to judge?)

Trim ends

Break apart the branches

Quick quality check - go through everything and cull anything that looks suspect.

Frying pan

Olive oil

Medium heat

Sautee for like 10 minutes, flipping/stirring occasionally.

With about 3 minutes left:

Add minced garlic


With about 30 seconds left:

Add soy sauce but not too much

on the plate:

Add sea salt/pepper

That's the long and short of it. They should be soft and pliable and not too salty. It's easy to over-do it with the salt and the soy sauce, so be careful.

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