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We Rate Running Hats (and stuff)

There’s nothing worse than a distraction during your workout, unless that is one of your strategies of getting through your workout. If that’s the case for you, then check this out: 6 Ways to Distract Yourself While Running.

Now that we’ve cleared out the troublemakers, here is a somewhat honest review of all the ways we have to keep your hair in place or at least cover your head during your workout.

The simple:

Under Armour Mini Headband (7/10)

Let's call this the thong bikini of headgear. Short of a rubber band or a scrunchy, this is the minimalists version of securing your hair. It does the job, but little else.

Under Armour Women's Reflective Headband 3 Pack (7.5/10)

This is a step up from the mini, and offers a little more control, simply from the increased width. The other benefit is the bits of reflective material to help be seen.

The Serious

Asics Fitness Visor (7.562858/10)

This solves 3 major issues and simultaneously creates the potential for another.

1. The Sun - The bill can reduce the fatigue on the eyes.

2. The Sweat - The band minimizes sweat from running into the eyes.

3. The Security - The band can immobilize hair from bouncing around, also into the eyes.

Issue 1. - People may think you are a fitness-minded blackjack dealer, on a break.

Asics Running Hat (9.8675309/10)

The finest fitness hat we could find. This hat does literally everything for you to complete your workout except: throw you a towel on you cool-down, pay your gym membership, wipe down the machines after you sweated them up, or shout at you "One More! One More! YOU GOT THIS!". But really, it protects you from the sun, wicks away sweat/moisture, contains your hair, and/or covers your skull from a sunburn if you're a little thin on top, and also just makes you look like a running pro.

The Silly

Columbia Sun Drifter Straw Hat (10/10)

Sun Protection - Check

Breathable - Check

Secures hair - Sort of

Let's people know you know how to party - Yeah, I guess, but in like a Jimmy Buffett/Jason Mraz-kinda way


Mammut Women's Sally Beanie (10/10)

Ok, in all sincerity, these are great for cold weather. They have the classic knit exterior and on the inside, there is an inner, smaller hat made from fleece that feels very nice on your skin. It doesn't get itchy the way that a plain knit hat would. They would definitely be out of place on the treadmill, but essential on the ski hill.

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